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About Us

One News Media develops News aggregator and different media consumption apps for android. Click here to visit our developer page. Click here to read about our privacy policy, terms & conditions and more.

This app is a News aggregator Application and we do not Publish our own content. Our app retreives News articles from established News Publishers using their Public RSS feeds. Our apps displays the publishing source of the content in the app next to the article.

Contact Information

You may reach us, the app developer at Our email address is [email protected]

If you want to reach one of the News Publishers directly, the contact information for each News Publisher in our app is provided below. Please note that we do not control the content of news publications and it does't represent our views. Our app aggregated and publishes the content as is.


Technology News Publishers

   Publisher Name Publisher Info Contact
1 Android Authority [email protected]
2 Android Police
3 Ars Technica
4 BBC News
6 Computer Weekly
7 Digital Trends
8 Engadget [email protected]
9 Futurism [email protected]
10 Geekwire
11 Gizmodo [email protected]
12 Mashable
13 Social Media Today
14 Tech Crunch
15 Tech Radar [email protected]
16 Tech Republic
17 The Verge
18 The Next Web
19 Venture Beat
20 Wired


Thank you for using our App. If you have any questions please reach us at [email protected]